December, 2023

Wish Came True for Andy and Annette

“Ten years on that’s exactly what’s happened! We moved in August and absolutely love it.”

Andy and Annette Harris used to sneak through the Standish Estate site in the Cotswolds when the old hospital buildings had closed and the site lay shuttered and abandoned.

Annette said: “We would cut down from Standish woods and walk past the old buildings back to the road and I remember saying; ‘I do wish someone would do something with the site. It would be a wonderful place to live.’

“Ten years on that’s exactly what’s happened! We moved here in August and absolutely love it.”

Before moving to Green Walk the couple, who have three grown up children and six grandchildren, lived nearby in the village of Eastington, in a large, modern detached home.

Annette, a retired teacher, said: “It was a gorgeous, gorgeous house with a galleried hallway, lots and lots of bedrooms and a big garden and it was perfect for when the children were growing.

“But I knew it needed money spending on it and as the list of things grew longer and the potential cost went up we decided to look at what else was available and one wet Sunday afternoon I turned on the computer to start searching and Green Walk came up.

“We knew exactly where it was so enquired and Helene rang us back and suggested we come up for a look. Three days later our house was on the market!”

The couple bought a three-bedroom property in The Residence but say they would have been happy with a number of potential homes.

“Initially I didn’t think three bedrooms would be big enough but we walked through the door and it just felt right. And for us it was time to move on and downsize and getting rid of things was quite cathartic,” recalls Annette.

The couple’s property initially sold quickly but they had two buyers change their mind before finally agreeing a sale that went through.

Annette said: “It was an anxious time and we did not think PJ Livesey would keep the house for us but they did and we are grateful for that. Helene was wonderful throughout and I cannot praise her enough. She kept us informed, kept us encouraged and I am so grateful to her for being with us all the way.”

Now happily moved in the couple are enjoying meeting their neighbours and say there is a strong feeling of community with informal events organised and a shared love of the beautiful site.

Annette added: “The restoration of the main house is magnificent and I didn’t realise PJ Livesey had saved so many heritage properties right across the country. It is exactly what sites like this should become and they do it so very well.

“We feel so lucky. We have seen two seasons here and I love opening the curtains in the morning, sitting in bed with a cup of tea and noting the change in the trees. Autumn here was stunning and the recent frost made it truly magical.”